About us About us

About us

Our mission.

Together with our customers we explore the world of bakery. Finding inventive ways to create bakery success. Constantly searching for new opportunities and new ingredients to improve products and processesExploring has been in the DNA of Zeelandia for over a century. We never stop wondering. We never forget what is important to our customers. Together with bakeries we take on the challenge to create tomorrow’s bakery success. We take responsibility. For our staff, our clients and our communities. We are proud of what we can achieve together. We keep exploring, thinking differently and above all, going the extra mile. It is our mentality, the driving force behind everything we do.

We are Zeelandia d.o.o. Keep exploring.

Our values.

  • Inventiveness
  • Courage
  • Ambition
  • Responsibility
  • Involvement

Our clients. 

Small & mid-sized bakeries, pastry shops and gelaterias 

Why artisanal businesses choose Zeelandia d.o.o.:

  • International smart solutions to inspire local craftmanship and competitive edge
  • Inventive ideas enable to actualize product range
  • Streamlining baking processes to help save costs and efforts to create bakery success

Industrial bakeries 

Why industrial bakeries choose Zeelandia d.o.o.:

  • Clever thinking & hands-on approach
  • Discovery & inspiration
  • Strong R&D & global support
  • Customized innovation
  • Competence leadership
  • Flexibility and short response time