Ice Cream
Cioccolata Cicolatieri

Ice cream paste with cocoa flavour and chocolate flakes.

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Dosage: 100/150 g x lt


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Cioccolata Cicolatieri 1kg

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Modica chocolate is of ancient origin and finds its roots in the "myth of the five suns", of the Aztecs. The Aztecs were the first to use cocoa beans in their diet and to make chocolate. They worshiped the cocoa tree and considered it a source of power and wealth. In fact, they used cocoa beans as a form of currency. Cortes, of Spanish origin, introduced the first cacao beans and later the Spanish themselves introduced cacao to the "county of Modica". Modica chocolate has a dark black color with brown reflections. It is rustic, almost raw, with coarse grains of sugar that offer, in addition to the taste, a shiny reflection almost as if it were a "marble stone". The authentic and velvety taste of cocoa will be reflected in your ice cream making you rediscover the flavors of real traditional chocolate.