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Panettone flavoured plum bites

Who said Panettone doesn’t come in small sizes?


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Mio Panettone 900 g
Butter 99,9% 130 g
Yeast 100 g
Eggs 70 g
Water (moderate temperature) 270 g
Rum 20 g
Plums 150 g
Roasted almonds 50 g


Mix all the base ingredients together at low speed for 8 minutes and then switch to high speed for 2 minutes until you get a stretchy dough.

Add the cranberries and the roasted almonds. Mix for an extra minutes so that the ingredients are all well blended.

Allow the dough to rest for 20-30 minutes (ideally by proofing).

Cut the dough into 2 cm width strips. Continue by cutting the strips into 4 cm rectangular pieces.

Proof (±37OC/75%) for 20-25 minutes.

Before you bake, coat the cut dough with egg wash or Ovex Powder-ZK (egg wash replacer).

Bake in a deck oven at 180-190OC without steam for 11 minutes or in a fan oven at 170-180OC.

While warm, coat with butter and then dip each piece into sugar. Decorate with Mont Blanc (white sugar in powder form, non water soluble).

Panettone flavoured plum bites