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Traditional Italian Ciabatta with olive oil & oregano


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Ciabatta Mix 10 MZ 1.000 gr
Strong wheat flour 10.000 gr
Yeast 200 gr
Water ±7.000 gr
Olive oil (virgin) 1.000 gr
Oregano 200 gr


Mix all the ingredients together (except olive oil and oregano) using initially 6 liters of water until firm dough forms. 

Then gradually add the remaining water and continue kneading until an elastic dough forms at a temperature of 25-26°C. Add the olive oil and oregano and make sure to mix well by kneading for a while at slow speed.

Cut the dough into 3 equal parts (about 6 kg pieces), place them separately in well-floured or well-oiled (with olive oil) basins and cover with a plastic sheet.

Leave the basins at room temperature, for about 75 minutes, depending on the season.

Flour the worktop with flour and turn the basins over it one by one with the inflated dough. Flour well the top of the dough surface.

With gentle movements, spread the dough in a rectangular shape with a height of about 3 cm.

Cut the dough with a knife "wheel" into rectangular pieces with dimensions of your choice.

Place each piece, stretching it slightly lengthwise, in crates or perforated plates and then proof for 20-30 minutes (±35°C, with a little moisture).

Sprinkle the top side with flour.

Bake at 230°C with a lot of steam, for about 30 minutes, with the damper constantly turned off.

Više informacija

Rye flour is recommended for a perfect result. Whichever flour you choose will determine the amount of water you will eventually need.

Traditional Italian Ciabatta with olive oil & oregano