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German type dense Rye bread

For dark, dense and close-textured loaves.


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Vollkorn 10.000 g
Rye flour, finely ground 1.000 – 2.000 g
Yeast 100 g
Water (warm 35-45°C) 10.000 g


Mix the Vollkorn mix together with the water (cold during summer, hot during winter) into a bucket and let the seeds soak well.

Add the dough into the mixer and mix together with the rye flour and the yeast at low speed for 10 minutes (dough temperature: 28-30°C).

Allow the dough to rest for 30 minutes once you cover it with a plastic sheet.

Cut the dogh into 1.150 gr portions, round up each cut piece, decorate with Oat Flakes and place into 23x10,5x9 cm toast molds or other large toast forms you prefer. Depending on the mold you use you might need more amount of dough.

Proof (35°C with moistness) for 60-70 minutes (not during the summer) making sure that the dough height does not exceed 5-6 cm so as to get the required dense result. A fluffy dough result is not recommended.

Bake at 230-240°C with steam, for 60 minutes. Make sure to keep the damper open for the first 2 minutes and then keep it closed. During the last 10 minutes switch temperature to 200°C.

The following day, once the bread has cooled down you can either:

- Slice the bread, place it into special bags, seal the bags and pasteurize them by baking them for the second time in between two trays (use the trays as lids) at 120-130°C for 75-80 minutes (bread center temperature: 75°C). By doing so you suceed in lengthening the product’s shelf life.

- Package the bread with special bags and offer them to your customers (unsliced). 

German type dense Rye bread