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Wine Spicy Corn Crackers & Grissini


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Panomix Fiesta Picante 1.500 gr
Strong Flour T70% 1.500 gr
Wine 800 gr
Corn Oil 600 gr
Soft Margarine 400 gr
Sugar 100 gr
Cognac 100 gr
Regal 40 gr


Use the spiral hook to mix all the ingredient together for 4 minutes at low speed until you get a well developed, smooth dough.

Wine grissini:

Mould the dough into 1 cm thick strips.

Wine crackers:

Use a rolling pin or a puff pastry machine to form the dough into a 4-5 mm thick layer.

Wet with water and decorate with Decoration Corn.

Bake at 220°C without steam, for 20 minutes. Make sure to keep the damper open for the last 5 minutes.

Wine Spicy Corn Crackers & Grissini