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Rustic bread

Traditional Greek bread with active sourdough.


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Regent Bread 50 5.000 g
Thick durum flour (“yellow”) 5.000 g
Fresh yeast ±200 g
Water (depending on the flours) ±7.700 g
Sesame or coarse semolina (decoration) at your will


Mix all the ingredients together at the low speed adding the water gradually and mix until you get a well-developed, elastic dough. It is suggested to mix for 5 minutes at the low speed and for 5 minutes at the high speed.

At the end, your doughs’ temperature should be 27-28° C.

Allow to rest in a bowl for 60-90 minutes.

Cut in 450 g.

Dip the unleavened dough in water and then garnish with plenty of sesame seeds or semolina.

No need to mould, you can bake straightly.

Bake at 225° C for 35-40 minutes for ½ kg bread. Keep the damper open during the last 15 minutes of baking.

Više informacija

You can replace the suggested flours with flours of your choice.

Rustic bread