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15-24 hour sourdough starter

For the preparation of natural sourdough without the addition of yeast.


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Manna Active Gold 1.650 g (low dosage) / 12.500 g (high dosage)
Strong flour T70% 850 g (low dosage) / 6.500 g (high dosage)
Cold water (30-35°C) 1.500 g (low dosage) / 11.500 g (high dosage)



Mix all the ingredients together in a well cleaned mixer bowl at low speed for 4-5 minutes. The dough you get should be tight at 30-35°C temperature. Be very cautious of how clean your utensils and your equipment are and of the temperature the dough reaches since these are two very critical process success factors.

Sourdough rise

Leave the sourdough for 24 hours in room temperature (20-25°C) once you place it into a well protected container. For a faster procedure, proof the sourdough. It will be ready for use after 15-18 hours. Based on the conditions you work in, the initial tight dough will double its size once it has been transformed into sourdough. For that reason, make sure the container you use is big enough.

24 hour sourdough use

Use it as a percentage of weight to the total flour weight, depending on the characteristics you want to give to your final product.

Indicative dosage

  • 10-20% - increases the level of flavour
  • 20-30& - attributes to a distinctive sourdough profile
  • 30-40% - attributes to a well balanced sourdough profile

When using the sourdough, add 12 gr of salt for each kilo of 24 hour Manna Active Gold sourdough together with the equivalent salt amount that corresponds to the total amount of the recipe’s flour.

Više informacija

Manna Active Cold does not contain salt.

15-24 hour sourdough starter