American Brownie

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Brownies Base

American Brownie - Multipurpose pastry and patisserie brownie base.


American brownie - Shiny outer coating, moist center and toped with the occasional walnut crumb.

Cherry Brownies

American Brownie - Cherry brownies

Plum Brownies

American Brownie - Plum brownies

Forest fruit Brownie

American Brownie - a Christmas special brownie with Minuta Ivoire custard and forest fruits

Chocolate Brownies Traybake

American Brownie - Chocolate brownie traybake with 60% Dark Chocolate couverture.

Chilled Chocolate Soufflé (less dense texture)

American Brownie - Chilled chocolate soufflé with less dense texture.

Chilled Chocolate Soufflé  (more dense texture)

American Brownie - Chocolate Soufflé with a more dense texture

Hot Chocolate Soufflé 

American Brownie - Chocolate Soufflé, hot, puffed up and fluffy with dark chocolate inside.