Cake Cake

Matcha Tea Raspberry

Green Matcha Tea Cake - Matcha tea raspberry, experience a sweet and tangy flavor with an earthy touch.


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina Proizvod
Green Matcha Tea Cake 1.000 gr Cake ingredients
Eggs 350 gr Cake ingredients
Oil 300 gr Cake ingredients
Water 200 gr Cake ingredients
Minuta Cream 500 gr Cream ingredients
Water 800 gr Cream ingredients
Milk 400 gr Cream ingredients
Roma Top (Vegetable cream) 300 gr Whipped cream ingredients
Casa Cream UHT (Fresh cream) 300 gr Whipped cream ingredients
Pistacchio Egina (paste) 180 gr Whipped cream ingredients
Fruit Filling Raspberry Extra ingredients
Scaldis White (compound chocolate) Extra ingredients


Use the flat beater to mix all the cake ingredients together at medium speed for 6 minutes.

Bake at 165 °C for 35-37 minutes and once the mixture has cooled down, pour a thick layer into a rectangular mold.

Top with the whipped minuta cream and allow it to cool in the fridge.

Remove from the mold and add a Fruit Filling Raspberry layer on top and cut in preferable sizes.

Finish decorating as you wish with Scaldis White.

Matcha Tea Raspberry