Cake Cake

Semolina Coconut Traybake

Mama's Cake - a popular classic Middle Eastern traybake (aka “Ravani”)


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina Proizvod
Mama's Cake 2.000 gr Cake ingredients
Sunflower oil 750 gr Cake ingredients
Tap water 750 gr Cake ingredients
Indian coconut 400 gr Cake ingredients
Orange shavings 1-2 oranges Cake ingredients
Gum mastic (optional) at your taste Cake ingredients
Vanilla (optional) at your taste Cake ingredients
Syrup 27°C up to 2 kg Extra ingredients
Carlo (release agent) Extra ingredients


Use the flat beater to mix all the ingredients together (apart from the coconut) at medium speed for 5 minutes.

Add the coconut at the end of the mixing process and make sure you get an even disperse of the ingredient in the mixture.

Pour the mixture into two 30x40 cm baking trays once you have buttered and floured them or have sprayed them with Carlo (release agent).

Bake at 160-170°C for 45 minutes. 

Cut into preferable pieces and while hot, pour the syrup on top.

Once it has cooled down, it is ready for sale.

Više informacija

If the traybake has cooled down, you will have to pour hot syrup on top and not cold.

Once you have poured the mixture into the trays you can safely freeze them (make sure you cover them). In such a case, when taken out from the freezer, simply proceed with the working method without any alteration.

Semolina Coconut Traybake