Cake Cake

Anatolia Cake

Moist & Creamy! - Mama's Deco


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina Proizvod
Mama's Deco 1.000 gr cake ingredients
Butter 99% 100 gr cake ingredients
Eggs 300 gr cake ingredients
Oil 380 gr cake ingredients
Water 250 gr cake ingredients
Sugar 150 gr cake ingredients
Salt 2 gr cake ingredients
Pistachio 150 gr extra ingredients
Grated dry coconut 25 gr extra ingredients
Yoghurt (10%) 150 gr extra ingredients
Mastic 2 gr extra ingredients
Clove powder 1 pinch extra ingredients
Lemon shavings ± 35 gr extra ingredients
Eldorado extra ingredients


Use the flat beater to mix all the cake ingredients together at low speed for 1 minute and then switch to high speed for 3 minutes until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Add some lemon juice (1 lemon) and all the other ingredients and mix for 30 seconds.

Pour the mixture into a tray and sprinkle grated pistachio on top.

Bake at 160-165°C for 40-45 minutes.

You can either cover with syrup or coat with Eldorado (hot jelly).

Anatolia Cake