Cake Cake


With forest fruit flavor.


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina Proizvod
Red Forest Fruit Cake 500 g tart
Pastry flour 500 g tart
Eggs 100 g tart
Margarine Princess 400 g tart
Red Forest Fruit Cake 500 g roll
Eggs 262 g roll
Water 75 g roll
Oil 75 g roll
Minuta Ivoire 1.000 g cream
Water 2.500 g cream
Roma Top (whip) 500 g cream
Casa Cream UHT (whip) 500 g cream
Fruitful Raspberry 400 g coulis
Fruitful Strawberry 400 g coulis
Water 100 g coulis
Gelatin 4 pcs coulis



Mix all the ingredients with the whisk. Open the dough in a tart dish of 0,5cm and bake in a pre heated oven at 170 °C for 18 minutes.


Mix all the ingredients at the low speed for 3 minutes.

Divide in 3 baking sheets of 60×40cm and bake at 170 °C for 8-9 minutes.

The roll sheet should be really thin.


Mix water and Minuta Ivoire at the high speed for 4-5 minutes.

Whisk the whipping ingredients and incorporate with the cream.


Heat the Fruitful with the water in the microwave. Add the softened gelatin and homogenize.

Bake the tart and when cooled down fill with the coulis.

Bake the roll and when cooled down add a thin layered of Minuta Ivoire. Roll, cut in 2 cm thick and add Paletta Cold Jell. Garnish with fresh fruits.