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Wholemeal shortcrust snacks

Plan for that afternoon hunger attack with these flavourful and portable snacks.


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Kourou Lux 500 g
Wholemeal flour 500 g
Margarine Princess 400 g
Roggenmaltz Extract (malt) 20 g
Milk 300 g


Mix all the base ingredients at low speed for 4 minutes or use a pastry blender and mix with the use of the flat beater for 2-3 minutes at low speed.

Cut the dough into preferable portions and mould as you wish.

Fill the dough with preferable fillings.

Coat with egg wash or Ovex Powder-ZK (egg wash replacer).

Decorate with white or black sesame or any other ingredient you prefer.

Bake at 185°C for 20 minutes (small portions) or 25 minutes (large portions).

Wholemeal shortcrust snacks