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Basil Truffles

Arabesque White 30% - Basil truffles, a touch of Mediterranean.


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Paletta Cold Gel Neutral 150 gr
Fresh basil 18 gr
Roasted almonds 350 gr
Mont Blanc (water insoluble powdered sugar) 200 gr
Freeze-dried basil 10 gr
Arabesque White 30% 320 gr
Oil 40 gr


Mix the Paletta Gold Gel Neutral with the fresh basil.

Beat together the almonds, the oil, the Mont Blanc powdered sugar and the freeze-dried basil until the mixture is as smooth as possible and then add the melted Arabesque White 30% chocolate.

Cool in the fridge.

Form into sizes and shapes of your preference.

Decorate with the basil gel you created in the beginning.

Basil Truffles