Amadeus Choco Cake Amadeus Choco Cake

Basic recipe for chocolate cake


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Amadeus Choco Cake 1.000 g
Sunflower oil 380 g
Water 380 g
Orange zest (optional) 1 pc.
Egg (optional) 25 g


Add the ingredients to the mixer bowl and mix with the paddle attachment for 5 minutes on medium speed.

Place in molds, filling them up to 2/3 of their height, after having previously buttered and floured them or sprayed them with Carlex Spray.

Bake at 180 - 200°C for 45-60 minutes. (for half-a-kilo cakes).

After the dough is placed in the molds, it can be safely frozen (covered). After it has been defrosted at room temperature, you can continue the process (baking).

The preparation of the dough can also be done without a mixer, "by hand" with a whisk for 6-7 minutes.

Basic recipe for chocolate cake