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Grupa Težina / Zapremnina Proizvod
Bianca GR 250 g Meringue
Water 250 g
Sugar 500 g
Cold water 2.500 g Cream
Cremina 1000 g
Casa Cream 35% 1000 g
Fruitful Raspberry 300 g Red fruit sauce
Fruitful Strawberry 300 g
Fruitful Red Cherry 300 g
Inverted sugar syrup 100 g



Add all the ingredients in the mixer and beat with the whisk on fast speed for 8 minutes. Cut meringues to the desired shape and size.
Bake at 100 °C for about 90-100 minutes.


Beat the water and Cremina in the mixer bowl for 5’ at the fast speed with the whisk.
Similarly, beat the Casa Cream and homogenize it with the previous mixture.

Red fruit sauce

Heat and mix all the ingredients together.

In a dish of your choice place the meringues.
Then place the cream and red fruit sauce.
Garnish at will.