Pastry Pastry


Suitable for mixing with other ingredients. (colouring, cocoa etc)


Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Fondant 1.000 g
Water 0-50 g


Heat the Fondant in a bain-marie (add the desired amount of water if needed) and heat while stirring (38-40°C temperature). You should keep it at this temperature while stirring if you want to use it immediately.

Use special spraying devices or simply dip the products you want to decorate into the melted icing. You can also either use a piping bag or sprinkle it on top of your applications to forms decorative lines.

In order to get the most of the desired shining of the product, make sure the surface you are going to cover is a bit damp either by spreading some syrup or soft meringue.

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Increase or decrease the amount of water you use, depending on the final result you desire (soft vs hard icing).

Do not add water if you want to decorate products that will be frozen. You can use inverted sugar syrup instead to get a softer end result.