Vegan Cream Patisserie Vegan Cream Patisserie



Grupa Težina / Zapremnina Proizvod
Vegan Cake Mix 1.000 g base
Oil 325 g base
Water 425 g base
Water 1000 g cream
Vegan Cream Patisserie 400 g cream
Vegan Rosette 500 g cream
Masca Quince extra


For the base, mix all the ingredients together on medium speed with the wing for 4’. Place the dough on a baking sheet and bake at 190 °C for about 30’.

For the cream, beat Vegan Rosette until it becomes firm. Then, beat the water and Vegan Cream Patisserie for 5 minutes in the mixer, with the whisk. Fluff with Vegan Rosette.