Pastry Pastry



Grupa Težina / Zapremnina
Cookies Double Choco 650 g (basic) , 500 g (soft)
Eggs(cold) 100 g (basic) , 100 g (soft)
Butter 99% 170 g (basic) , 200 g (soft)
Chocolate drops 90 g (basic) , 90 g (soft)
Cake type flour 200 (soft)
Inverted sugar syrup 125 (soft)


Mix all the ingredients together apart from the dark chocolate drops at low speed for 1 minute using the mixer’s flat beater and continue mixing at medium speed for an extra minute.

Add the dark chocolate drops and make sure all ingredients all well mixed.

Place balls of dough that weigh 35-65 gr each on a bake tray covered with baking paper.

Put the cookies in a tray lined with a baking paper.

Bake at 195-200°C for 9-11 minutes.